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2 Inch 4 Bolt Style 001

Hose Hobbles

API Standards require a minimum breaking strength of 16,000 pounds for rotary hose safety clamps. 

We have done extensive testing on our hobble systems to assure that they meet  the strict API  standards. 

Our cable assembly comes tagged and pull tested.  



Hose Hobble Photo Gallery

Whip Stop Cable system
Hose Hobble Clamp
Nylon Restraints
Hose Hobble with chain
Hobble to service unit
Hobble to Hobble with cable.
2" Hobble chain to hook.
4.5 inch with .5 inch Crosby
4.5 inch with .5 inch Crosby
2.38 with chain
Hinged hobble & chains
4 Bolt Hobble clamp with chain
Vibrator hose clamp with cable
Vibrator hose clamp with cable
Hobble clamp
Stainless Steel hobble clamp
Hobble to Hobble
Stainless Hobble systems
Hose hobbles
Hose hobbles
4.5" Hose Hobble with chain & Hook
2.3/8" 4 Bolt hobble

Temporary pipe, Whip Check
Temporary pipe, Whip Check

Please click on link below for Hose Hobble installation instructions.