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Red Iron Slings

Engineered Restraint Systems

OSHA: Hydraulic Fracturing and Flowback Hazards Other than Respirable Silica Document

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Half Hitch vs. Rib and Spine

Testing the HMPE Rope Type Restraint

3" - 1502 Failing at 14,500 PSI

Gang Line Pipe Restraint Testing 2020

Work Safe BC recently enacted new standards requiring the following. Examples of required detailed engineering instructions include the following:

  • Installation instructions
  • Engineering specifications and drawings of the restraint system (including a site specific plan, intermediate anchor points, and attachment to the piping system)
  • Precautionary information and limitations (such as the maximum pressure in the system and worker exclusion zones)
  • Testing certification (e.g., of the round slings and anchors)
  • Instructions for component use, maintenance, inspection and removal from service
  • Certification by a professional engineer that the restraint system has been engineered and is adequate for the purpose