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Manufacturing Marvels - American Iron Works

Gang Line Pipe Restraint Testing 2023

Testing the HMPE Rope Type Restraint

Piping Restraints, Rib and Spine vs. Half Hitch

Temporary Piping Restraints

Hose Hobbles and Pipe Clamps

3" - 1502 Failing at 17,000 PSI

Half Hitch vs. Rib and Spine

3" - 1502 Failing at 14,500 PSI

Oilfield: Are Your High Pressure Hoses Safe? Cable Hose Choker vs. Whip Check

How to Properly Install and Inspect the Whip Stop Hose Restraint

Oilfield: Are Your Hoses Safe? Whip Stop vs. Whip Check

Whip Check vs. Cable Choker

Is Your 1502 Piping Secure?

1502 Piping Failure

Pipe Capsule

Removable Cable Choker

Installing Nylon Without Breaking Connection

Testing the NC4-64D

Testing Restraints During Lay Flat Hose Failure

How to Install NC3 & 4 Series Nylon Chokers

How to Install the Nylon Choker

How to Install Whip Stop on 2" R13 Concrete Hose